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Product design - Architects HUBSCHMITZ in Lubeck und Zurich

Product design


Product design - consistent down to the last detail

From architecture via interior design and through to the smallest details

If the stuff of your dreams cannot be found on the market, HUBSCHMITZ will not only develop the overall interior design, but also take care of designing selected and important everyday objects.

So for one house we designed the door and window fittings (from the door handle to window latches), the doorknob on the main front doors, and a light that mirrors the geometry of the reception room.

And of course with other fittings, which we can also have tailor-made exclusively for you, there is also no need to rely on existing ironmongery: the handle for the kitchen cabinets, drawer pulls or the panel for push-to-open wardrobes – all this can be manufactured in accordance with the client’s wishes and the overall design concept that informs the architecture and interior outfitting.

However far you want to go: we’ll go with you.

Our firm offers you extensive CAD-based modelling capacities that enable even highly complex, free-form objects to be visualised, realised by means of rapid prototyping and finally manufactured by the best producers, craftspeople and technicians from our ever-growing network.

Door handle

Door handle for the house on a North Sea island 

Door handle for the residence at the coast

From architecture to interior design – consistent down to the last detail

For the residence at the coast we are not only developing the interior design, but are also taking care of designing selected and important everyday objects. Here is the

door handle

as an example. The client followed us along a path of the utmost rigour. To achieve a logical harmony for the house, we also designed the door and window fittings, from the door handle to the window latches and the doorknob on the main front doors.

Our guideline for the design were the guidelines of the architectural draft for the house itself. The angles and inflections of the door handle echo the outline of the west façade.
The handle is meant to look lean and taut and at the same time – despite its clear edges and lines – be soft and comfortable to use, because the doors in the building are tall and heavy.

A bronze-coloured alloy was chosen for the material, and its soft glint is the dominant metallic surface outside and inside, from the façade to the rebate around the built-in wardrobe